PAT Testing

Sunday 19th September 2021

Our Service - PAT Testing

Our Service

Tech Test UK offers a valuable service to all businesses

Free Minor Repairs If an appliance requires a minor repair for example the flex has been trapped become damaged, or a maintenance panel has worked loose and requires tightening, problems that would result in a failed appliance and loss of that equipment. Our Tech Test UK engineer will fix the minor problem FREE OF CHARGE and note any serious problems in the FAILED EQUIPMENT REGISTER.

Free Plug tops If an appliance is fitted with a faulty plug top or one which does not have the BS standard kite mark. Tech Test UK will replace and fit the new 13amp plug top together with the correctly rated fuses FREE OF CHARGE

Free Fuses By reducing the rating of the fuse to a more suitable rating will make your appliances less of a threat to your staff and clients. This simple check is performed with every test. All incorrectly rated fuses will be replaced with a new one FREE OF CHARGE.

Cable connections Electrical extensions pose a great threat in the working environment. They are normally wired in a hurry and are often wired incorrectly. All cable terminals need checking and tightening to ensure a good connection. All appliances that at first fail, then repaired by a Tech Test UK engineer will be RETESTED FREE OF CHARGE.

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