Further Information

Sunday 19th September 2021


Bolt For A Fuse

The fuse in this plug has been replaced by what looks like a piece of a bolt. The fuse is designed to fail first before the article that its attached to can cause damage. Things like this can easily cause fires when the electrical device fails.

Broken Gang Switch

As you can see from this image, this multiple socket extension lead has been damaged. This can cause both electrocution of your staff and even fires if flammable items fall into the innards.

Non BS 13 Amp Fuse

This is a common problem. Devices, often made outside UK can sometimes have non standards compliant fuses in their plugs. When actually tested these fuses are often not correctly calibrated to blow at 13 amps, thus endangering your electrical equipment and your staff and premises.

Squashed Connector

This connector was found beneath a cabinet and has been badly squashed. The plastic on these devices protects the environment from the current within, damaging that plastic reduces the protection and can cause electric shocks or even fires.

Solder for a fuse

Here we see another substitute for a fuse. This time someone has soldered the fuse connections of this plug. As with the bolt earlier on this page, this will not blow in the event of a power surge and not protect your equipment, possibly leading to electrocution and even fires.