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Sunday 19th September 2021

Legal Information

Legal Issues

At TechTest UK we help all companies overcome the problem of portable appliance testing & fixed installation testing, helping your company to adhere to the following statutory requirements:

The health and safety at work regulations 1974

The electricity at work regulations 1989

The provision and use of work equipment 1992

The management of health and safety at work regulations 1992

BS6396 - The electrical systems in office furniture and screens regulation 1995

By adhering to these statutory requirements it shows that your company is committed to:

Health and safety by developing a safer environment for all staff and clients.

Reducing the risks of fire and electrocution on your premises caused by faulty portable appliances or fixed installation.

Insurance companies may invalidate a client´┐Żs insurance policy if a fire can be attributed to a faulty portable appliance or fixed installation.

Fire certificates may not be issued to establishments without an in date portable appliance test or fixed installation test.