Our Technicians

Sunday 19th September 2021

Qualified Technicians

All Technicians are qualified electricians trained in electrical safety testing and are directly employed by Tech Test UK. This insures that all testing work is carried out to the very highest standards. Using the latest in fixed wiring & PAT testing technology we are able to perform testing quietly & efficiently. When testing is complete you can be reassured that we are leaving your working environment a safer place.

All our technicians carry their own Personal Protective equipment; warning notices to indicate to employees & visitors that electrical testing is in progress and warning barriers to highlight the technicians work space.

Our technicians carry a selection of electrical accessories & cables to insure all minor repairs to electrical equipment can be completed on site without disruption to your organization. In addition technicians have a selection of bolts, nuts, washers, crimp connectors, screws & wall plugs. Tech Test UK technicians have record power professional engravers to scribe the name of your company onto portable electrical appliances.

Safety & Service

Tech Test UK attends regular training seminars and appraisals meeting enabling us to move forward in this ever increasingly competitive sector. Our business is built on safety & service and we are committed to increasing safety in our work places.